Frequently Asked Questions

As I start getting some questions, I will add to this page!

  1. What is the difference between quilt shop fabric and big box store fabrics?  Why is there such a price difference???
    • This is a tough one for me… I love a good coupon, but honestly, the quality of “designer” fabrics cannot be beat.  The first time I purchased a fabric NOT from the big fabric store was Amy Butler fabric from a local quilt shop in Utah.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before.  It was so thick and luxurious feeling and I loved it.  With that being said, there are some “premium” quilting fabrics sold at big box stores as I am sure there are some low quality fabrics sold at quilt shops.  But I have learned the hard way that if I am going to spend hours and hours crafting a quilt, then I want it to be out of materials that are going to last through years of washes and love.  To me the largest difference I have seen after buying a variety of fabrics from many different manufactures are two fold.  One is the weight of the fabric and one is the thread count.  Just like sheets, some fabrics have a very fine thread count and feel so silky and beautiful.  Some fabrics are heavier and this can be looked at on the manufactures websites and will read as ounces per square yard.
  2. Do you pre-wash your quilting fabrics?
    • The answer to this is a resounding NO!  I feel like when I wash my quilting fabric, it gets wrinkled and it is very hard to get the crispness of fresh-off-the-bolt fabric ever again.  This is great for a snuggly quilt, but not great when it comes to cutting perfect quilt squares.  I wash my quilts after everything is completely done.
  3. What sewing machine do you use?
    • I currently have a Brother SE-400 for my main sewing and embroidery machine.  I purchased it almost three years ago on amazon and it has been working like a dream.  I do my own maintenance so far and oil and clean our the fuzz about every 4-5 months.  I also own a Brother 1034D serger.  I got it about 6 months ago and have loved every second of this machine.  I have not had to do any maintenance yet.